Who stands behind Angels and Sinner?
We’re Yara and Tobi and we’re the founder of Angels and Sinner


How old are you and where are you from?

Yara is 22 and Tobi is 27 - We’re both from Germany and living together in Düsseldorf 


What made you start your own brand? 

We actually both started with modeling in 2016 and mainly used our instagram accounts to upload our professional photo material. Our accounts started growing.. and growing. This motivated us to continue sharing content on a regular basis. Some brands came up starting to gift us products and at some point we even got paid for it. This is how we got into being an “influencer“ -how you call it nowadays- So our job is basically to introduce our audience to brands and products that we like. Time passed by and the will to create something on our own got bigger and bigger. We didn’t want to just do advertisement for other brands but also for our own. We wanted to create something which is 100% us and so we came up with our label Angels and Sinner.


What makes your brand standing out from all the others? What is special about it?

Like we just said before our brand is 100% us and this makes it absolutely unique. It’s inspired by the latest fashion-trends but still timeless. 


Is there a message behind your brand?

Of course there is. A brand without a message is like traveling an unknown road without a compass - sooner or later you’ll get stuck. 

Our brand symbolizes the inner conflict of angel and sinner. Everybody has two sides and there's nothing to hide because we're all in this together.